Font Licensing

Fonts are not sold but licensed: what you acquire is the right to use the fonts in a certain context, under certain conditions.

Standard License

Cross media
The Standard license is a single license which allows using the fonts on desktop computers, websites, and e-books / mobile apps.
Pricing scales
The price of the license is calculated based on the scale of use, measured using a different metric for each type of media.

Prototype License

Use pre-release versions
The Prototype License allows you to try early versions of the fonts before their release.
Progressive discounts
The price of the Prototype License is calculated as a fraction of the final release price.
Automatic upgrade
The Prototype License is automatically upgraded to a Standard License once the basic font is released.

Test License

Try before you buy
The Test license allows you to use fonts for free for a limited period of time, for evaluation purposes only.
Decide after the test
Once the trial period expires, you’ll need to choose between upgrading to a Standard License or deleting the font.

Custom License

Additional uses
Other kinds of use not covered by the Standard License (broadcasting, use in alphabet products, etc.) can be added on request.
Tailor made licenses
We can also develop custom licenses to meet the special needs of a project or client.